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Danger, She Smashed the Homey! April 14, 2009

Though “Danger” from VH1’s, For the Love of Ray J, is a crazy b!tch, I empathize with her on the homey smashing. I too, have smashed the homey. *lowers head* I met one guy way before the other. And, I still haven’t confessed to smashing either homey (they not really that close but they do know each other). Does it really matter? Which leads me to the conclusion that sometimes people you are dating don’t need to know everything. Ain’t nothing going on but the rent between me and the long time friend, no feelings, nada, and it would only hurt the other dude to know that we once (or thrice) were intimate long ago. It’s now irrelevant and it will make me and his friend look bad. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation. Or maybe he won’t care since they not that close anyway.

Is there ever any justification for homey smashing – on both ends? Women do we want/need to know that someone we’re serious with had previous relations (just sexual) with someone we know? Men…do you want/need to know? Can the smashee come to the wedding or baby shower??? lol

Now I did grow up with a group of girls who all smashed the same dude we were all friends with. THIS, my friends, is madness. And, not just smashed, had boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with this guy. One after the next. We were all teenagers in like jr high/high school but STILL. This was kinda gross to me. It went like this:

Mimi and Titi are good friends – call each other cousins even. Mimi dates Steve. They break up. Titi dates Steve. They break up. (I don’t exactly remember the dynamics of the make to break ups but I’m pretty sure there was some overlapping or close proximity of love making between all three) . Then enter CiCi. Cici becomes friends with Mimi and Titi and knows about the relationships they’ve had with Steve. Cici dates Steve. Aye aye aye. yea we all hung with the same group of people day in and day out and there are gonna be some occassional hook ups (NONE by me btw), but this was slightly ridic. I don’t know if there were any permissions given between Mimi, Titi, and Cici that they were OK with ea of them dating Steve. I guess there was cause the girls never faught over or about him.  But, this is a teenage scenario…I don’t think this could happen at our age now. Even if it doesn’t work out with a guy, I can’t see myself being OK with my friend dating him – even if they are soul mates. If they are, they better move FAR AWAY from wherever I am, and not tell me jack about the relationship. Matter fact, we ain’t friends no more. LOL.

Do you have any homey smashing stories whether you’re directly involved or not? What was the outcome?

***In other non-related news, whilst searching for the above image I came across some blurbs that Danger (aka “ms. snake face” dubbed by Nicki Sunshine – it’s actually a tiger on her face but i digress…further) is allegedly prego by Ray J.  For once, I feel sorry for Ray and the Norwood family if this is true.  See what happens when murder someone *cough*BRANDY *cough* The day of the geechi is upon you!***