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Sometimes, the box isn’t so Idiotic after all November 6, 2009

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As you might suspect, Today is not my day.  But here I am, nonetheless.  I have been instructed to “post something fun”, and this was the first thing I thought about.



Sesame Street is rapidly approaching its fortieth, birthday.  As an only child(at the time) to a single mother,  Sesame street was an invaluable tool to enhance the learning that was taking place in the home. 

As the quantty of Television for children has exploded with the advent of cable, the relative quality has been damaged irreparably.  Children’s television now has become an incubator for baby consumers.

While Sesame Street is not immune from these pressures (bear in mind, that the proceeds from CTW’s merchandise go to the company which doesnt sell advertising)  it has long been a welcome reprieve from the constant hustle that passes for Kids’ TV.

Oh, my bad, this was supposed to be fun. 

I would like to take this Friday and open the floor up to those of you who might like to share your Sesame Street memories, because I KNOW you have some. 



Running Out Of Lies… January 26, 2009

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I swear I was born in the 80s…I swear I was….

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t lie anymore?  You know what I’m talking about…you got a good man or woman sitting at home and you’re out there acting like you are single.  This reminds me of something I did one time…little Jaci’s going to tell on herself now…

I met someone in 2005, he was cool and I loved him.  When I went back to New Orleans in Januray 2006, I got reacquainted with a campus police officer i’d known my freshman year…that’s enough of that…so one thing led to another and I found myself cheating on the boyfriend I loved.  Fast forward about two weeks, and after many nights of hanging out with Mr. Officer…I had a severe case of the flu.  One week, one hospital visit and many antibiotics later, I had a stomach affliction and I wanted to come home to my mother, SO I called dear boyfriend and had him drive from Tuscaloosa, AL to NoLA to come and get me.  I also had him pick up one of my girlfriends to come with (so she could warn me in enough time to leave my lover and get ready).  How oh how…did I leave my phone at home?!  I had no way for her to reach me.  So from…the building I was in…I saw a golden Maxima pull up and you guessed my boyfriend met my side lover…Uh oh and oh shat!  Long story short…they talk and then realize I can’t get to where I’m supposed to be without boo piece seeing me…thanks to Mr. Officer I made it.

Came home had a wonderful time, but still had the stomach problem.  When I got back to NoLA I immediately wanted to see Mr. Officer…just one problem I can’t walk cause I’m in pain.  I got so mad at Ex that I told him I would rather crawl to my other man than be with him (out of pain, didn’t realize what I was saying).  This means I had too many irons in the fire.  I was so busy being Mr. Officer’s side dish and having him be happy I couldn’t see what a good thing I had.  It was flawless and I lost it.

There’s my story…though it is wayyy longer…but dear readers, I’d like hear your story…have you ever cheated?  Been cheated on?  How’d you handle it…We wanna know!