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Single Husbands…. May 26, 2009

Before I write this post I want to formally congratulate Tea and Cuzzo on their impending nuptials.

Keeping Only Unto Who?

Keeping Only Unto Who?

***Disclaimer-Not all husbands are like this***

“Understand this, there will be no divorce.  You might be in one bedroom and I might in the other, but we will be married under the same roof.

Jada Pinkett-Smith in reference to Will and her answer to his proposal

Ebony June 2009

I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend before I delve into this topic.  I spent the weekend at Books-A-Million reading Angels and Demons then Single Husbands by HoneyB.

I read both books cover to cover, check out A&D or see the movie.  Anyways, moving right along…I spent Memorial Day reading the second book…and I was intrigued by just a few things…

First of all, I want all of you to sit back and think about all the weddings you’ve ever been to…when those sacred vows are uttered do any of you recall hearing the words “I will be faithful to you”?

Neither have I.

What you have likely heard is “forsaking all others, keeping only unto you”-this is not necessarily a promise of fidelity…it really just means that you will not let anyone come between what you and your mate have.  As I read this book, a tale of three “single husbands” I wondered just how many men in America (and elsewhere) actually believe it to be okay that they cheat on their wives.  And then it came to me, a lot of them do (just not all).

I want to ask a question or two about this and I want to know if anyone thinks single wives exist as well.

Ladies, would you be ok knowing that your husband is sleeping with other women if they were only for pleasure?  With this answer, please bear in mind that he is treating you wonderfully…nothing is amiss in your home.

Would you be okay knowing that your husband has a woman, a lover and a wife (bear in mind they are not all the same person) if it would save face for you professionally?

Finally, would it be okay for you to give up your hopes and dreams to move to a new city with a husband who treats you like you are the slave meant to insure that his house runs smoothly and nothing more?’

And as far as Jada’s quote is concerned, do you think you could lay that on a man?  Or would that push him into being a single husband…(note, Will is not gay, neither is Jada and they are not an open family)

I am just curious about this philanderer’s way of life.

More from me in the morning.