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Capt. Happy February 5, 2009

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Its all about taking real active measures in being the captain of your own happy ship.”– The Comeback Girl, November 2008


Every since Comeback Girl said be the Captain of your own happy ship I have sought to live and abide by this mantra! I don’t think too many people follow this! They are either too caught up in pleasing people or worrying about what people are going to say. I declare to you (T.I. and Rihanna style) to live your life, what’s good for you isn’t always good for the next person, and if it isn’t killing you and it’s not illegal who am I to rain on your parade? But I think a lot of times we give others or circumstances the reigns when it comes to our feelings. We fail to realize that we wear the crown. Some people don’t even think of their happiness and how it fits into their life… is it important? Does it control how well they succeed in other areas of life? Are they even happy were they currently are in life?

So you ask, what makes your ship so d@mn happy? Well while on my Tiptoeing to 30 journey (More like “Knocking on the Door to 30” now) my main focus has been the pursuit of happiness- Getting me together financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually- these are all things I control and make decisions on how to handle; they also comprise my happiness. In my psyche if I got money in my pocket (not talking $5.00 but Arab money); I’m not emotionally/mentally drained or stressed out from a psycho ex who doesn’t get the hint; my butt is banging in those new Joe’s I just bought; and the Lord has blessed me with living to see another day then really what am I so upset about that I just can’t seem to put a smile on my pretty little face?

Wanna know how I keep Ship Holly happy while coasting down that Lilac Carpet? It took me a while to learn but once I got it together it became easy. I try to let go of negativity and drama- this includes people, places, or things. People who are miserable and love drama always seem to thrive in venues where no sane person would ever think of hanging out or frequenting. These people also love to have company and hate having anyone around who seems to always be- happy and blessed. They will create turmoil in this person’s life just to have someone to share complaints with.  Kick these people to the curb… get rid of the bad habits that seem to bring you down… and most of all find your center- the place where you can be upbeat and positive. No one likes a Grouchy Greg or a Complaining Connie!

Where does happiness fit on a scale of 1 to 10 in Holly’s life? #1!!!! Happiness should be numero uno on everyone’s list… if not that then numero dos. If it doesn’t fit in the top tier of your hierarchy then I strongly suggest you revise and draft a plan of action to get it there!!

Now is the time to take charge and become your own Capt. Happy!! Happiness is an emotion you control? Have you evaluated your happiness? Have you asked yourself who and what is controlling your Happy Ship?? Do you even care about that state of your happiness??