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Boredom Equals Trouble April 2, 2009

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Today I was in a reflective mood just thinking over my life…reliving moments some funny, some bad. What really stuck out in my head was the moments where I would end up saying a little prayer…

Lord, I know I shouldn’t have but if you just find it in your heart to let me make it outta this I promise I wont do it anymore. Thank you in advance!


Holly GoLightly

These moments were usually caused by BOREDOM!! My grandmother always said an idle mind was the devil’s playground and boy did my mind stay idle (especially when I was younger)… I suffer with boredom a lot now¬† but I try my best not to exercise the plans that I conjure up in my head. ūüôā So far I think I do a pretty good job!

One particular boredom moment that stands out for me, that I really wish wasn’t brought on by boredom, was when I lost my virginity. This situation was more so brought on by curiosity that was later carried out by boredom.¬† I mean the person was a dear friend at the time and I did have a little liking towards him, but he wasn’t someone special. He wasn’t even a person that I could have seen as a boyfriend!! But hey then again what do you even know at 16!? Back then I thought that I was gonna marry Devante or Mr. Dalvin from Jodeci and where the heck are they now??!! Everything about the situation was so not right! There was no music, no candles, not even some swanky dinner prepared by him. Instead it took place at his house in the basement on an oddly shaped brown velvet chair. The event lasted all of 5 minutes. When it was over I remember thinking, “Is this what all my active friends have been raving about?? If so, this was not the business!!” It wasn’t until a few years later while with my boyfriend that I truly experienced what I should have felt- The big “O”! It was then that I really regretted my decision that I made during boredom!! Because of this regret I reached out to my 13 year old sister and let her know its better to wait preferably when you are married, but if you cant wait til then at least try¬† to wait until you are mature and out of high school.

Of course there have been other situations since then that have occurred due to boredom: Fraternizing with a low down ex, entertaining a random dude who wouldn’t have gotten the time otherwise, pity s!ex, and of out of town trips (with no good intentions). *smh*

What has boredom gotten you to do?


Did You Ever Have The Feeling…? November 21, 2008

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People! Aaaaahhhh!

People! Aaaaahhhh!

In one of my many favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons (I swear they don’t make em like they used to), there is a scene where bugs asks this character Gossamer: “Have you even had the feeling you were being watched? That the eyes of strangers are upon you…”
I’ve had the feeling and it feels grrrrreat (in the case you’re not making a damn fool of yourself)! I’m piggybacking off my earlier review of Vango here. I was on the dance floor and it was (I’m not gonna say all) most eyes on me. And I soaked it up. I mean men, women, dudes that were with other women (which made we dance¬†lil harder)¬†watching. Some people cop an attitude like what they lookin at? Not me…I smile and dance with strangers –¬†men and women.¬†It’s fun. Like MJB says: Don’t need no hateration…holleration…in this dancery. This one fiiiine guy (who was with some chick) was lookin mad long. I swear it was exhilarating. I don’t know what their situation was but everyone in there “clique” was looking boo’d up.
How do you feel about being watched (in this case on the flo’) – especially when that person is there with someone else? How does this play out into relationships? I think some¬†women¬†are exhilarated by attaining (or the possibility of it) a man that is taken. Maybe you don’t take it there, it could just be flirting also.

SSSO Reviews: Vango Lounge & Skybar – Philadelphia November 18, 2008

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Hello Friends,

Though I don’t go out much, I’ve decided to add this little tidbit to our blog. I hope¬†the reviews are informative. Enjoy!



This past Saturday I made an excursion to¬†Vango Lounge and Skybar¬†here in Philly.¬†My friend and I were greeted by¬†a nice door person, who shuffled us in out of the rain to check our IDs. There was no cover BUT a catch. The main floor played some kinda trance, techno, dance music (just beats) and the atmosphere seemed inviting. The bar had ample room for you to move in and get a drink. This floor is more of where people relax, talk, drink, maybe even have a bite to eat since they have tables. The tables were reserved at the time for bottle service only. There was a mixed crowd (cuz all the black ppl were upstairs). Now for the catch: the upstairs (skybar) is where the music is better, louder and people are dancing! How do you get upstairs? Just walk right on up, right? NOOOOOO! The security (of which there are two people to get past) will turn your @ss around if you don’t have a drink in your hand. My intitial reaction: wtf! You have to buy a drink from the main floor to gain access to the upstairs (which¬†HAS a bar too mind you). ARrrrgghhhh.

So, my friend and I buy drinks and up the stairs we go – drink spilling out as I make my way up fifty-billion steps. And you can’t stand on the steps for one second, the security will tell you to keep it moving with the quickness. Aight, so we’re upstairs. Good music, nice lil crowd, ahhh¬†this is OK. People weren’t really out in the skybar area because of the rain. The entrance to skybar was on the other side of glass (instead of walls, it was glass)¬†and they had like 2 of the glass pains open – but it was still hotter than a¬†MF. I opened the door to the outside and¬†still no¬†circulation.¬†Overall the upstairs experience was fun. But the fun didn’t last all the way through the night because my friend and I¬†decided, hey let’s peruse the downstairs and see what they are playing. Doot doot doot….same stuff…ppl talking…same music…blah. I like to dance! So¬†after a failed attempt to enter the ladies room (crowded), we headed back upstairs. BEMP! Gotta buy another drink to go up there again. Not wanting to spill another damn drink on me I held up my $20’s to the security guard and told him see I have money, I don’t want to buy a drink down here, I’ll buy it upstairs. I¬†really did not want to drink anything, I just wanted to dance. His explaination for the drink policy was something to the effect of: would I want to be up there with a bunch of ppl that’s not spending money? Uh, I really don’t care…I’m tryna dance. (Damn, you would think they owned the place, as hard-pressed as these security guys were). Not wanting to argue the princibalities of it anymore, my friend and I decide to leave.

Aside – I would go back, lol. There were some good lookin men’s up in there and ppl actually dance.¬†I’ll just order a diet¬†coke or water and stay my @ss upstairs.


My Inauguration Playlist November 4, 2008

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There’s a party going on right here

A celebration to last throughout the years

So bring your good times

And your laughter too

We’re gonna celebrate

Your party with you (Come on now)


– Kool & The Gang, Celebration

Yesterday I had smile on my face, a pep in my step, and a song in my head. Why? It’s 24 hours til OBAMAnation baby! How can I be mad? And when Wednesday comes, I’m gonna dance, dance, dance like an Asian child on yo gabba gabba. Here are a few songs on my playlist:

Disturbia by Rihanna (it’s gonna a weird time for some *cough* white ppl, that and it’s trance-like beat and lyrics: bom bom bee don)

Celebration by Kanye West (It’s a Celebration, B!tches!)

We Will Rock You by Queen (boom boom clap….boom boom clap)


Movin On Up, the Jeffersons Theme Song (dance and all)

Add to my play list РWhat song  will you be dancing too?

Side Note: Many of my posts will have musical reference cuz that’s how I roll.


EDIT: Update! 2 Nas Hits –

I Know I Can


If I Ruled the World