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Sometimes, the box isn’t so Idiotic after all November 6, 2009

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As you might suspect, Today is not my day.  But here I am, nonetheless.  I have been instructed to “post something fun”, and this was the first thing I thought about.



Sesame Street is rapidly approaching its fortieth, birthday.  As an only child(at the time) to a single mother,  Sesame street was an invaluable tool to enhance the learning that was taking place in the home. 

As the quantty of Television for children has exploded with the advent of cable, the relative quality has been damaged irreparably.  Children’s television now has become an incubator for baby consumers.

While Sesame Street is not immune from these pressures (bear in mind, that the proceeds from CTW’s merchandise go to the company which doesnt sell advertising)  it has long been a welcome reprieve from the constant hustle that passes for Kids’ TV.

Oh, my bad, this was supposed to be fun. 

I would like to take this Friday and open the floor up to those of you who might like to share your Sesame Street memories, because I KNOW you have some. 



Back in Time with Today’s Frame of Mind January 11, 2009

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This is what the young Nic was listening to in high school.

Inspired by The Champ of one of my fav blog teams, I am writing this post.   I’ve sat and thought about all the things I’d do differently if I was able to go back in time, knowing some of the things I know now.   Here’s a few:

1.                  Dump James F.:  Granted, I now know that it wasn’t a real relationship in 6th grade,  and I don’t even remember how we even started “going together.”  But the day I let that orangutan with glasses dump me through a friend should NEVER have happened!  In my second chance, I’d beat him to it.

2.                  Dance (both literally and figuratively):   These lyrics are so me: 

I used to go out to parties
And stand around
‘Cause I was too nervous
To really get down
And my body yearned to be free
So I got up on the floor and found
Someone to choose me
No more standin’ along the side walls”

Marvin Gaye KNEW exactly what I was feeling!  It’s too bad that it took me over 25 years to finally get up and cut that rug.  Life is so much sweeter and more fun when u just let go!

3.                  Go to an HBCU:  I allowed the fear of the cost of these colleges keep me from going and I know I missed out BIG TIME; from parties to the fraternities/sororities to the overall camaraderie of the students.   

4.                  Be more confident/overcome shyness:  I was always painfully shy.  I still am to an extent, but back then, my shyness limited me.  I was always one of the smart kids, but I wasn’t okay with attention so I missed out on things like, running for class office or overall pushing myself to do more.  I just kinda coasted along with my brain.  I made good grades, but never pushed for scholarships or any other accolades.

What about you:  if you could go back in time and do some things over with today’s frame of mind, what would they be?