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Coming to Terms January 9, 2009

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*in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice*

What’s the deal with using terms to make ourselves and other people feel comfortable?

There are several of them and once you begin rummaging through your mind you will be able to think of some too. You may very well even use them unknowingly.

Thick – a word often misused to describe a fat woman.

If you ask me, I will tell you I’m fat. I’ve got a big butt and big thighs, but a big ol stomach to boot. That’s fat…not thick. Lose the tum tum and here come’s the thickness. (btw – I’m not sloppy with mine’s so don’t get it twisted)

Big Boneded?

Big Boned?

Lifestyle or The Life – used to describe a gay relationship.

Now if you’re a fire-breathing Christian, you think gay relationships are wrong wrong wrong. But, try to be PC and not say, you’re going to hell covered in hot sauce!!! Not just in reference to Christians but being PC in general, this term is used. Why? Is a heterosexual relationship a “lifestyle”? No. It’s like we hetero’s are normal and gay people are just out there. Not only with gay/straight but with relationships that don’t seem “normal”. I’ve used this term to describe poligomy or polyamorous (non-married) loving. BTW I don’t believe in polyamory – ya’ll just greedy!

*btw btw (my version of pps) who the hell thought of the term “kids” to describe gay men? *back to Jerry voice* What’s the deal with that?

*insert Homer Simpson drool from the men*

*insert Homer Simpson drool from the men*

Sexually Liberated – usually used to describe a woman that sleeps with a lot of men.

0_O You’s a hoe.

Player – used to describe a man who get’s a lot of “play”

0_O You’s a hoe.

Playa from the Himalayas

Playa from the Himalayas

Please drop some knowlege and translations on terminology.

**************************Edit @ 10:18 AM*********************

This is for Comeback Tiffy Poo (who’s not afraid to post pisc of herself that aren’t that flattering). She challenged me to post pics of my fat self. So, here goes (you know I wasn’t picking one’s where my hair or anything was looking too busted):

Comeback – I ain’t neva scared. These are coming down before I leave work. lol