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How to Be Your Own Get Right…. January 26, 2009

All this talk about men…and how to get them, keep them, make them pursue you whatever is a slight bit worrisome to me.  So…we here at SSSO are gonna take this week to focus on how sexy Djimon Housou is ourselves.  See…we’re always talking about what we expect a man to do for us blah, blah and blah.

What about what we’re doing for ourselves?  Think about it…do you have center?  Peace of mind?  Can we see where we are going in comparison to where we are and where we have been?  Now, I am not saying that you have to follow everything that I am going to list, but here are a few things that we as women need to do to be right for our mothers, our men, and the world ourselves.

1. Eat healthy and Exercise-Black women are known to be Superwomen.  They run around everywhere doing everything for everyone except themselves.  This likely leads them to grab whatever they can get their hands on to eat…McDonald’s, Burger King…just anything.  This is NOT healthy…we’ve got to do better.  Join the 50 Million Pound Challenge or

2. Get to church-or somewhere that gives you a source of inspiration and balance.  Maybe that place is yoga…maybe it’s a meditation room, or a quiet garden.

3. Pay yourself first.-A lot of Blacks are making the bad choices of paying Louis, Dooney&Bourke, and Prada.  What good is having that fabulous purse if you have nothing to put in it.  Find something to invest in…it’s a great time to do houses or stocks.  I definitely think it’s important to be sure you have a rainy day fund.  For all the ladies who are not single, have something for yourself outside of what your man says.  I learned that from Granny–have something for yourself…end of story.  Oh and check your annual credit report!

4. Take time for yourself- Outside of going to that special place where you find center and peace of mind, we should all do something where we are in a place totally alone.  For me, it’s the bathtub or the shower (ask those who know me) I am always in there…and if I’m not communicating with someone then I am taking definite time for myself…thinking and…

5. Dream and dream big.-Think about yourself driving that Porsche or living in that villa in France.  Think about the things that really make you happy and use them to your advantage.  Always think positive.  Write your dreams for people to see…and wait on them and well…they won’t wait to come to you 😉

Everyone just really needs to remember that even though we are all superwomen, we will easily not be able to do the things we’re doing now if we don’t take care of ourselves.  Beyond that, since we’ve all celebrated Ms. Michelle and who she is with Barack, I think we need to realize she didn’t marry him until she was 29.  She was a whole person without him and if any of us ever even want to dream of…..well just get yourself ready.

SO tell me what would you add to the list?  What are somethings that you’re doing to better yourselves?  What centers you?  Men, what would you like to see us doing?  Anything you know that would really hope us ladies?