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Dr. Ruth is in your bedroom December 16, 2009

Filed under: Single Sisters On... — cuzzo @ 12:00 am

It’s mucho importante to talk about your sexual personality prior to sleeping with someone. Whether or not the person can perform the task is up to them but at least you’ve given them the tools.  Sometimes this conversation comes about on a date…maybe after a few drinks and you begin eye-*expletive*ing each other and secret confession of whta you wanna do the person begin to flow. *Which also reminds me that I have not been on a date in a very long time*

A lot of times people are open enough to talk about it in plain conversation…no spirits, dancing or dinner involved….just shooting the breeze. How else would someone (I say “someone” and not significant other because sometimes it be’s like that, n’ah mean?) know that you like to be spanked? Or like to do the spanking? No one wants to hear…no…wait…stop…or what the *expletive* are you doing?…in the midst of action.

There are a few taboo (or not taboo if ya freaky) things that don’t come out in these little conversations and you won’t find out about until the wrestling match. How many times have you had a finger, fist (oooh, you nasty!) or penis put someplace without warning?


One Response to “Dr. Ruth is in your bedroom”

  1. Jaci Says:

    Great post Cuzzo.

    I think that’s a great point you made here.

    I also wanna go on record as saying that one of my grown up Christmas wishes is a sexy lil date… (The rest I’ll expound on Monday)

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