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The Black Racist March 23, 2010

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Tellin' it like it is

Nobody's more racist than an old black man - C. Rock

I do not hate other races. I wish us all well in this country, both foreign (as long as you learn the language of course) and domestic.  I also make fun of all races equally including my own. If racism (true racism – the HATRED, the CAPTIVITY and DOMINATION of person’s) never existed, I believe we could all laugh at ourselves without pressure and without shame. The slightest thing such as a some accents are funny to me, I don’t know why they are funny…they just are. Beyond accents…voices (like Wendy Williams and her “how you doin” or Elmer Fudd’s speech impediment) in general can be funny to me as well but, we are talking about race here.

To finish the Chris Rock joke (and his pic is only up there because he’s a black person not because I feel he’s racist because I don’t): “Nobody’s more racist than an old black man because they went through some real racism. None of this I can’t catch a cab sh!t…he WAS the cab. A white man would jump on his back and say “MAIN STREET”. *jockey motions*”

Now recently a Walmart in Pennsylvania was in the news because allegedly a 16-year-old white male stated on their PA system, “All black people leave the store now.” Of course everyone was shocked an appalled by the statement, but as I was reading comments about this story, someone pointed out something very critical, Would it still be considered racism if “All white people…” was said instead? And, seriously, I’m on the fence. It makes me think back to the original incident…no derogatory terms were used…no physical harm was caused…they weren’t serious, it was just a kid…so, where’s the racism?

In writing, I begin to think about hate crimes. I’ve never heard of a black person, or person of  any other race (non-white) commiting a hate crime against a white person.  If anything WE (black people) kill each other, between gangs and utter foolishness, we can truly be our own worst enemy. Now, unraveling my own thoughts, I don’t think racism truly exists unless it’s acted upon. How can you survive in this society without interacting with someone who claim to “hate”? And that’s what racism is supposed to be right? Hatred. But, is it pure hatred or those ACTS of hatred that make a person racist?

Please weigh in on the Walmart incident and what’s known as “reverse racism” (black people that hate other races). Is racism all in our minds?


8 Responses to “The Black Racist”

  1. Sunny Says:

    I don’t think the walmart incident can be considered rascist as much as STUPID.

    It was completely childish and ignorant and something he probably considered a joke. I think that he should definitely be reprimanded and face a soft penalty for it, moreso from Walmart, for playing on thier pa system.

    I do think racism still exists, but I struggle in defining it. It just depends on the situation and factors. Example:

    A white person telling a joke about black people, in jest (not with any intention to hurt): Not Racist

    White people putting up signs intended to keep black children out of their pool: Racist

    I cannot put a racist stamp on the black people who hate black people because they need psychological help. it makes no sense to me how you can be of one group and have a blanket hate for that same group. You hate yourself, right?:

  2. cuzzo Says:

    Whatup Sun! lol

    I wasn’t tryna stamp the black on black crime as racist. Black people that hunt and kill other black people have no regard for life at all. It just so happens that their crime happened against a someone of the same color because that is who they are surrounded by.

  3. Sunny Says:

    Hey doll. I was confrused.

    I’ve haven’t met a black person who hates other racists before (not saying they don’t exist). I just thought that blacks automatically felt that, because we were so oppressed, how could we oppress another. My experiences with black folk are that we are some of the most accepting of others.

  4. Sunny Says:

    And yes, that was “confrused.” LMBO.. Whatup Dunnie. (Someone was listening to too much Mobb Deep)

  5. Peyso Says:

    I define racism as the constructs that prevent another race from living life at a standard equal to that of the oppressor. I dont feel that one person can be racist, a society can be racist. I do feel that people are prejudice but the issue arises when people allow their prejudices to aid the constructs that are oppressing a race.

  6. Sunny Says:

    Peyso, that was a very good definition. I can stand behind it.

  7. Kala Says:

    Ummm…yeah, that is racist. If he said all White people leave the store- that would be racist too. Racism, just like classism and sexism is structural, which means that institutions in our society: law, education,culture, lack of access- create and support it. While the person who says the racist statement may not be racist, they are contributing to the overall structure.

  8. JohnTHESkywalker Says:

    “Now recently a Walmart in Pennsylvania was in the news because allegedly a 16-year-old white male stated on their PA system, “All black people leave the store now.” Of course everyone was shocked an appalled by the statement, but as I was reading comments about this story, someone pointed out something very critical, Would it still be considered racism if “All white people…” was said instead?”

    This is a great point. Here is the tricky part: saying “All Black/White people get out the store” is NOT a racist comment. It’s a very ambiguous statement. There is no derogatory language, and anyone to assume is such is actually racist in their own mind to assume that it was derogatory. Communication is about purpose, tone, content, and audience. The variable that would help segregate the difference “why are they getting out?” You can’t assume you know, and we definitely shouldnt assume solely by tone of voice that they kid was threatening black people in the store. Would it be threatening to find out that the proper english speaking voice on the intercom was a Mexican? Regardless, I understand the boy was out of good character in his actions….but racist? Thats a bit far fetched with so little information to reach that conclusion.

    Discrimination is in the mind. Racism starts in the mind. Prejudice is birthed from the mind. (A man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes – Mohandas Ghandi). Thought is creative, and words are powerful because our souls are of the same energy that secretes and flows from the universe. You summon negative energy, and you may explode with it. Anyway, these concepts (discrimination and racism) are a form of bias. Everyone has a bias in SOMETHING. The conflict is whether you act on that bias with the intent to destroy that which you PERCEIVE as a threat. And if something is a threat, it’s because you FEAR it. There are only three reactions (not responses) to a threat – flight, fight, or freeze. It’s one thing not to like me because of my skin color, yet you tolerate my presence. I can’t get upset at someone for hating or disliking something about me – natural or superficial. So my take on this….misunderstanding brings chaos. I havent had to deal with too much racism because I believing in being versatile, and also distancing myself from the entities that I’m not cohesive with. The perks of listening to your 6th sense and being sensitive (and aware) of your environment.

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